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Art director.
grapher.poet, friend, editor now too

Is this thing on?

Sorry I was crying. I was thinking about restrooms.

Specifically, if restrooms were allowed to have security
cameras, there would be an embarassing amount of
footage of me dancing in single person bathrooms.
The restroom companies could easily blackmail me,
or help me go viral, that is, if restroom companies existed.

I am Evana Flores. I’m a recent graduate of The University
of Texas at Austin, a Texas Creative, and someone who has
their fingers in many (gluten free) pies. Some of those pies
include arc-welding, enthusiasm, squirrel admiring, pretending
to be a producer, loitering, etc.

I’m an Aquarius, which means that I am a good hire.
If you’re thinking about hiring me you may need to know
that I save spiders, even though they scare me. However, I am a lot of fun. 

To know about the less controversial, and possibly
cooler things I do CLICK HERE! (it’s not spam!) 


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles